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Our Story


This is a short story about Xander, the inspiration for XANDERM Eczema treatments.

In February 2011 Xander was born and from very early on he suffered from terrible eczema.

It was very hard to understand just how uncomfortable it was for him, but it must have been hell with itchy skin covering his body, face and scalp.

To control and soothe his Eczema we tried so many different treatments, both medically prescribed and sourced independently.

He had:

  • A number of different thick gloopy paraffin based products to smear on his skin
  • Emollient additives for his bath
  • Specialist shampoos
  • Body stocking to help contain moisture in his skin over night
  • Steroid creams
  • Antibiotic and fungicidal creams
  • and many more
  • The problem is we found none of these to be entirely satisfactory.

His clothes, his bedding, our washing machine and our plumbing became coated in thick sticky paraffin deposits.

It seems that the extent of doctor prescribed products start and end with paraffin based products that try to keep what little moisture there was in his skin contained, but they didn’t do much to enrich and feed the skin.

We found that his skin didn’t improve much and he still suffered terribly.

We felt that there must be a better alternative, so we went looking for a natural alternative, something that wasn’t paraffin based, that didn’t rely on harsh chemicals and one that gave him ongoing, long term relief.

After testing different approaches we were successful with a Sea Buckthorn Moisturising Cream – XANDERM Original.

Made from natural coconut based ingredients with high quality natural oils, the cream provided the moisturisation and itch relief we were looking for.

To start with we used the Sea Buckthorn cream twice a day to moisturise his skin, with a small amount of 50/50 as prescribed by our doctor to coat the skin whilst we scaled back the paraffin products completely as his skin improved.

After a short while we had removed all paraffin based products from his regime and the steroid creams haven’t made it out of the cupboard since.

XANDERM Original successfully kept his eczema under control, we had successfully broken the itch, scratch cycle.

Later we developed XANDERM Advanced, a more advanced version of XANDERM Moisturising Cream which contains Safflower, Evening Primrose, Camellia and Rosehip for further skin nourishment.

If you too are looking for a natural alternative to traditional eczema treatments, then take the XANDERM challenge, you will start to see an improvement in your skin in less than 14 days.

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